Information for contestants

When and where is the contest to be held?
The contest will be held in Madrid on July 16-17. On each day, it will start at 9:00 (9:00 a.m.) and last for four and a half hours. The starting time and the ending time will be clearly announced. Each of the two examination papers will consist of three problems.
What may I bring with me into the competition hall?
The organizers will provide you with a transparent plastic A4 envelope to carry only writing and drawing instruments such as pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, rulers and compasses into the contest room. In no case the use of hand held calculators, cell phones, electronic devises, briefcases, protractors, books, notes, tables, papers or any other written material will be permitted.
How do I find my seat?
Your table will be labeled with your name and ID code. Your guide and the invigilators will assist you to find your seat. Once you have spotted your place, please seat down and wait quietly for the starting signal.
What will be provided?
On your table, you will find a folder labeled with your ID code and containing:
  • the contest problems in one or two languages as previously requested,
  • 20 sheets of paper (answer forms) to do your work,
  • one sheet of paper called query form,
  • three subfolders each day, one for each problem,
  • a set of five colored cards marked:
    • More paper (yellow)
    • Help (red)
    • Water (blue)
    • WC (green)
    • Question (white)
Do not open your folder before the start signal.
Where and how do I write my solutions?
Write your solutions and rough work on the answer forms. You will get more paper if necessary. Do not write on the back of the paper. Fill in your ID code, problem number and page number on each answer form as you use it. You should work independently and submit your solutions in your language. Your work will be scanned and copied in black and white, so please do use blue or black ink or a very dark black pencil.
What if I need more answer forms?
In case you need more paper, please show your yellow card. One of the invigilators will give you five (5) more sheets of paper.
What if I have a question about one or more of the problems?
Questions about the problems may be submitted only during the first 30 minutes. They should be written in your own language on the query form provided. Once your question is ready, raise your white card and one of the invigilators will collect it. The written answer, accorded by the Jury, will be given to you later. The invigilators will show a sign announcing the end of the questions and answers period 30 minutes after the start of the examination.
What if I need more water to drink? What if I need to go to the rest room or feel sick?
If you need water, raise your blue card. In case you have to go to the rest room, show your green card. In case of emergency or illness raise your red card to receive help.
How do I know how much time is left?
Wall clocks will be visible from your place. The invigilators will announce with a sign the beginning of the last 30 minute period and of the last 5 minute period.
What do I do when the exam is over?
Once the end of the examination is announced, you should stop writing immediately. Sort your work by problem number and put each problem inside its subfolder. Put the three subfolders inside the larger folder, leave it closed on your table and remain silent and seated until the invigilators have collected all the folders. Do not put any blank sheet inside the folders. Unused sheets should be left on the table outside the folders. Any written paper not included in the folders will be destroyed.
What if I finish the exam early?
In case you finish your work during the first four hours (before the last 30 minute sign) you may show your HELP (red) card to tell the invigilator that you have finished and you want to leave the room. After leaving the examination room you will not be allowed to return to it that day. After the 30 minute sign is shown you will have to wait quietly in your place until the end. Also, you will not be allowed to leave the room during the first 30 minutes.
What may I take with me out of the competition hall?
Apart from the contest problems, you are not allowed to take out of the room any materials other than those that you brought in your plastic bag. Specifically, do not take with you any blank or written answer sheet, query form or colored card.